Cavewoman Series Reviews (My Views)

Budd Root another one of my favorite artist I love his work when it comes to drawing women such as his own creation Merium Cooper(goes by Cavewoman).Budd Root is an American Cartoonist and he owns his own company Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment. He’s one of the best artist I’ve seen when it comes to drawing women. Root was born in Heidelberg, Germany, on a United States Army military base. Thanks to his grandfather, comics were a major influence during his youth. After repeatedly being rejected by Marvel Comics and the mainstream companies, Root happened to meet author James Robert Smith at Smith’s comic book store. Smith gave Root his first paid work, illustrating “James Gang” and “Johnny Thirteen” stories in James Gang #1, published by London Night Studios. The one issue of James Gang sold poorly; so poorly, in fact, that Root was paid in King Kong collectible cards from Smith’s comic book store.

Budd Root

Information came from Wikipedia. 

I always love the way he draws his women his drawings on Cavewoman are out of this world. But it does go to show you that someone will always love your work no matter what.

The big Comic book companies wouldn’t hire him for his great work and then he was able to start a company of his own. Very nice work Budd Root. 



Fans please google Budd Root check out his work, if you love very sexy drawings of women this is the artist to look at. His story line is very good and he is fast at making new issues of his Cavewoman series. Enjoy these drawings of Budd Roots Cavewoman series below! (*Not my work all work is done by Budd Root*)



All Credits to Budd Root