Art Supplies from Plaza Art

Here’s just another short clip if some art supplies purchased from the art store. It’s a short video and a few pictures showing the supplies separated. Coming soon I will have more short videos on my artist tip page showing how to use these tools while creating a piece of artwork. More clips coming on Twitter and Instagram please follow!

Drawing Pencils
Pencil Sharpener&Eraser
Ink Pens

Plaza Art Store(DMV Area)

Greetings everybody, this is just a brief post on Plaza Art for all artist that are trying to stay on budget while shopping for art supplies. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post before as well as in my artist tips page but I highly recommend this store because they sell great quality art supplies for such a good price(Plus with great discounts). If your looking for art pencils, drawing paper, Paint, etc, Plaza art is the place to go. They sell their products for the best price compared to other art stores like Joann’s, Michael’s, etc.  Unlike Michaels, Plaza art lets you sample most of the drawing pencils, ink pens, paint brushes, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc. I will be adding the locations as well as pictures to the Plaza Art Stores to the artist tips page soon. To read more on stores that sale art supplies check out my artist tips page here.  Below are a few pictures I took of the Plaza Art store just to give you an idea of some of the great tools they carry. Enjoy my friends!

Plaza Art
Plaza Art
Plaza Art Store
Plaza Art Store

How to write a Comic Script?

Hey Everyone in this post I will telling you how to write your own comic strip and how it is usually organized. When it comes to scripts even when your talking about in movies, plays, dramas, TV shows, etc. you need too always start with your ideas and generate a plot. To be very honest just about all scripts are very similar just that the formats change a bit when dealing with Comics. Like with Comics your dealing with panels so you have to write what is happening , what’s being said, how the background/artwork will be, camera angle, and how big the panel will be. When I say Panel I’m talking about how big the box comic where you draw you scene in will be. Below is an example of a comic strip I made by using the comic script outline. You may use this as a reference and is copyright by I will have an Artist too page about comic scripts coming soon.

Weather Talk Comics(Evacuation)week 1

Weather Talk Comics Page 1
Weather Talk Comics Page 2

What Paper do you use to make Comics?

Comic Books, where to start, what paper do you use? Well, as most of you know the Comic book industry is very big and only growing. So Comic Art Board Paper is always on high demand and now you can almost find it in any arts & craft store. Comic Art Board paper is what many people/artist use to create professional comics on a big size paper known as A3 paper(a.k.a. 11×17 paper)  which is very good quality paper for drawing and creating panels on. Artist use Comic Art Board Paper because it gives them a lot of space to work with as their trying to make space for the word bubble to go on. It’s easier to shrink a large 11×17 size paper to comic size format than to create a comic on legal size paper 8×11; although it can be done just better quality using 11×17 paper. Check below to see how the comic art board paper looks like and the different types of paper available. *(All pictures from google images. Not my Pictures.)*

Blank Comic Art Paper

Blank Comic Art Board Paper. As seen this type of paper is 11×17 and it does provide the bleed area but doesn’t provide a trim area and doesn’t have the extra dash to help tell you where you would crop your comic too for publishing.








Comic Art Board Paper

As you see in this picture this Comic Art Board Paper you have bleed area and the trim area too help tell you the area you should try to stay in while drawing your comics. Check before purchasing what Comic Art Board Paper has these extra contents, not all paper has these contents.







Strathmore Comic Art Board Paper Cover

This is how the Comic Art Board Paper looks when you go to purchase it in the store or online. This is the Comic Art Board I use it has the bleed area and trim area in it.





Check out the Artist tips page for more information on Comic Art Board Paper and stores you can purchase them from.

Art Tip Tutorials coming soon!

Welcome Viewers,

I’ve been pretty busy working on some new rendering in DazStudio 3D, trying to make comics using the tools offered in the program. And now as mentioned in the title I will be creating Artist Tutorials. Some of them will be done by drawing tutorials and the rest will be done through video tutorials as seen below. I’m still working to make the quality of the video better and making the volume better in more updated videos. All videos will be posted in the Artist tip Tutorials page. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for faster updates.

What is Rendering? Why is it important?

As you have seen from my post as well as my art galleries I render a lot using computer programs called DazStudio and currently trying out Poser Pro 11. What is Rendering? Rendering is the process taking your 3D scene and converting it into a 2D image or animation. So far I’ve used DazStudio and they have great rendering tools where it takes your image and you can render in 1440 HD pixels. Iray in Daz Studio is a very good tool when rendering your final image. It’s your choice on how great a quality you want your image too look like. Soon on my artist tips page I will have  a journal on how to render in full HD in DazStudio. Poser updates will come later as I learn to use the program a little more. Below are more Renders I’ve been doing in DazStudio.

Browns Model Pose
Browns Model Pose


Browns Model Pose 4
Browns Model Pose 4

Take advantage of Deviant art gallery!

Deviant Art has many tools as most of your all can see up here yourself but one feature that I’m going to talk about is the gallery feature that they give too you for free when you create your account. Too start you can’t go wrong with Deviant Art because they give you an free account plus you can submit art for viewers too see all for free. Now along with that if you notice that when you submit galleries on your profile you have the option too decide where you want your art too go as in the folder you want it go go in. For example, you might have portraits and then have cartoon art and when you submit it to your gallery it all goes to one place unless you assign to too another folder which you can create as well. So when submitting art to your gallery try too create as many folders as possible so as too keep it as organized as possible because it makes it easier for someone trying to look at your artwork to be able to find and locate specific art that they might be looking for. They won’t have too go through one gallery that might have a thousand drawings of cartoons and portraits when your really only looking for one portrait out of the bunch they have in their gallery. Deviant Art lets you create unlimited galleries too make it easier for everyone too keep you art profile as organized as possible, so take advantage of this free tool because not every site does that for free like Deviant Art! I too will admit I’m currently working on my art galleries and making folders so that its easy too browse certain art that my Friends and Followers may be searching for!

Thanks for Reading!DeviantArt