Nude Art?

Very Excellent Point! Nudity is Art!

Raphael dice que...


What is nude art? Nude art it’s not porn and it’s not an erotica voyage to the senses.

Being nude also is not the carnal implications of physical desire and is not the selling of the body for sexual intercourse.

Nude art is the appreciation of aesthetic and is the best representation of beaux art can be. Beaux art is beauty, beaux art is fine art.

The ideas of what nude is, changed and will change through time. But one thing is still unchangeable about nude and is the fact that nude simply is. A nude body is a body wearing no clothes while a naked body is a body with a meaning of being nude acknowledged by a state of mind and of a gaze. Naked is also the unprotected and the vulnerable body.

In the beginning the body was not naked, it simply was and still is. Being…

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Meet Ups 

One thing that I’ve recently started to look into are meet up groups for artist. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the app called meet up and are probably wondering why I bring it up. Well, it’s is a social media app and as I was on it the other day I had the opportunity to see other artist as well as events they attend. I will be discussing this post in more detail later but if you have check out Meet up, believe me you won’t be disappointed. Below are photos I’ve gotten from Google *I do not own these photos, all photos are from Google images*. With this meet up site you can also do meet ups for life drawings. A post later will be discussing life drawings and what you need to know.

Awesome Con 2017 is Now June 16th-18th!

Yes Awesome Con 2017 is happening right now in Washington DC at the convention Center in downtown DC. It began Friday June 16 and will only go all weekend till Sunday June 18th. I look forward to any pictures anyone takes and I will be posting photos as I can find them via internet. (*Any pictures I post of the Awesome from this year’s 2017 comic con are not mine and were obtained from other sources.*) Below you can see pictures from another Awesome Con I went too back in 2015 and I have to see it was a fun experience can’t wait to go back. Me and my twin brother went to this Con and learned a lot from other fans as well as other artist. Check the pictures out below and if you can try to go to one of the Cons on day, their is so much you’ll never regret it.

Erotic Page coming to Brownscomicart. [Explicit Content]

Yes, you read it right Erotic Page is coming for viewers only over the age of [18+]. This will display a lot of my art that I do in black&white, Color, & Real life portraits. Below is a first taste of everything coming to this page including a very nice comic strip series called “The Right One”. As well as a Portrait of Porn star Gianna Michael’s getting fucked. As mentioned must be 18 or older to view and I will be making more drawings like this for viewing on this page. If their is a picture or someone you’d like to see me draw or make a request to see, let me know in comments on this post or email me at

Gianna Michael getting Fucked

The Right One (pg.1)

The Right One (Pg.2)

Various new nude drawings

Beautiful drawings. I love the very first drawing in the first one with her pulling the chain. I like the texture from under her breast the shading and the blending! Very Nice work Ayana! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Blissful Bat

The first three photos were drawn from Jose Manchado’s beautiful photographs and with the last drawing I used photos from as reference.

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New 3-D Rendering Art Comic’s!

Hey, As some of you all have know with DazStudio you can create your own 3-D character and you can make a story out of it. I’m currently working on this with DazStudio and will be using Photoshop CS6 to create very short comic strips on them. Below is a preview of what I’m talking about and I will have more coming soon..Also enjoy some of the new rendering I’ve been working on.