New design for Brown’s Comic Art

Hello guest,

As some of you may of noticed I have updated my blog with a new design that should make it easier to find pages and to browse the site a lot easier. It’s a new design that’s still in progress and also I’m started to add more content to my pages and will soon create a membership page where anyone can become a member and upload any type of artwork they’d like. Right now with the membership it will be free of charge and you’ll be able to have your own page with your own gallery. All of this is still a work in progress as I’m still getting the tools needed to continue too upgrade the blog too make it better for my viewers. Thank you for continuing to watch my page. Galleries page has been updated! Enjoy!


Copyright.What is it? Why is it Important?

Check out this article I’m writing on my artist tips page to explain the importance of copyright for artist. First, what is Copyright?  Copyright: the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit aliterary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc;  

Now in terms of copyright everyone has their own rules when it comes too copyright. Like in game development or in 3-D design software like Daz Studio you need an license from the company/owner in order to actually sell the product or character. Just like with Marvel/DC Comics you can use or draw their characters but could not sell them without consent from the company. This is very important because you never want anyone to be able too steal your hard work and claim it as theirs. And sometimes it easier too steal the work of independent artist then the more famous well known artist. So it’s something we all have too stay on top of for artist. Remember too always put a source of proof that the work is yours.Check out more forms of copyright on my artist tips page.

Art Tip Tutorials coming soon!

Welcome Viewers,

I’ve been pretty busy working on some new rendering in DazStudio 3D, trying to make comics using the tools offered in the program. And now as mentioned in the title I will be creating Artist Tutorials. Some of them will be done by drawing tutorials and the rest will be done through video tutorials as seen below. I’m still working to make the quality of the video better and making the volume better in more updated videos. All videos will be posted in the Artist tip Tutorials page. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for faster updates.