Made my first Sale on Red Bubble!

Red Bubble is a website where its similar to Zazzle but you can basically make money off of work that you create and design. Red Bubble allows you to create products with your artwork and design on it and you can either purchase your artwork or you can let red bubble sale it for you and give you a small percentage from what that product sells for. So depending on your audience this can be good money for you. I’m starting to learn that it may be better to experiment with this because as mentioned above I have finally sold my first product on red bubble and I made a profit of $.27. So that good considering that I still made something off a art creation I made.So if you ever want to make some easy money then I’d try posting some of your art on there. Here is the link to the above art I made on Red Bubble .

Please keep in mind the copyright policy. This is very important on here because if you post art like comic art, DC Comics, Marvel characters, without given permission they will take you product down as well as deactivate your account if you keep posting it. So my advice to you is to post original art thats your and if you do post fan art please have permission to do so and proof that you got permission to do so. Thanks for reading and give Red Bubble a try!Comment and ask any question below!