Sexy Model Minnie Mars Portrait!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted I’ve been dealing with a family situation, but I’m happy to say that I will be updating my blog every week going forward now. Stay tuned for new post talking about the comic field and discussion’s on the new upcoming super-hero movies coming out. Below is a drawing of sexy Model Minnie Mars @minniemars you can find her photos on Instagram and as well as the web. I will be posting another portrait of one of the upcoming star models Moriah Mills. The next post will have more information about the drawing and her. This current drawing of Minnie Mars took about 12 hours to complete. The most difficult part about this drawing was the tattoos. But like they say practice makes perfect. Hope you like it and remember to follow me on Instagram and twitter for faster updates. 


Model Minnie Mars



New Comic Art! New Features Coming.

Hey everyone, sorry its been a while since I posted I’ve been very busy and just finished upgrading this site to add a lot of new plugins to make user experience better. Beginning next year I will have a free and pro membership plan set up where anyone can join brownscomicart and add their own art gallery and their very own page through paid subscription. More details will be available in later post as I’m still working and developing these features. I will also begin to start my kandkart YouTube channel again to make tutorials on art related features. I will be having more art posted in the next few weeks and I’ll be posting some to my twitter and Instagram as well. Below is a drawing of sexy Instagram model @Lalovetheboss. This Portrait 6 hours to draw but it was worth it. I love her as a model because she keeps everything all natural especially with her hair. Which it reminds me of hot actress Pam Grier. Let me know what you think.

Instagram Model Lalovetheboss

Great Article as Nudism is part of Art!

Let’s take a leap of time into the contemporary era; our era. Spearheaded by Marcel Duchamp who decides to portray a nude lady walking down a staircase in form of abstract geometric forms which to be honest make the lady practically unrecognizable. It is also impossible to determine any sense of concrete time and space […]


Unreal Engine 4 is Surprisingly Friendly to New Developers — VIRTUAL BASTION

The power of Unreal Engine 4 continues to impress as more and more developers put it through its paces. We seen what the engine could do for some of our favorite games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but what about completely new projects? What can a completely new developer do with it? More […]

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Vuescan. Best Software for Scanners!

VueScan is a software program that is used as a drive to make scanners that don’t have drive work. For example the scanner that I have a Musket Express A3 scanner it came with the software driver but it didn’t work because they updated the drivers years ago so people couldn’t use the driver which means your computer can’t find the scanner even though you have it connected. Their are other programs out there that offer driver software for the scanner too but to me VueScan is the best most reasonable priced driver out there.  Below is a link to the VueScan site and pictures of the VueScan software and a picture of the Musket Express A3 scanner which is one of the devices that the driver is outdated. I will be posting another article in full on the “Artist Tip Page” stay tuned for updates.

Link to VueScan:

VueScan Program
Black Musket A3 Scanner
Black Musket A3 Scanner


Automatic Drawing! Nice post by Carol King!

Automatic drawing which turned into a botanical pencil in an 8×10″ sketch pad Last week as we walked out of Target to the parking lot, what do we see but a large black bear wandering around. He clearly had forgotten where he was parked. We respectfully waited until he found his car and drove […]

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Watch “INJUSTICE 2 Batman Frees Superman to Fight Brainiac” on YouTube

One of my favorite Batman &Superman Scenes. For anyone that doesn’t know this game was created using the Unreal Engine 4,  I love the cut scenes to this game and am currently taking a course on the Unreal Engine 4 to learn how to create a professional video game like this one.

(*This is not my video, Credit goes to RabidRetrospectGames. Video is shared from YouTube).