Comics. What paper do you use?Where to Purchase it?

Comic Books, where to start, what paper do you use? Well, as most of you know the Comic book industry is very big and only growing. So Comic Art Board Paper is always on high demand and now you can almost find it in any arts & craft store. Comic Art Board paper is what many people/artist use to create professional comics on a big size paper known as A3 paper(a.k.a. 11×17 paper)  which is very good quality paper for drawing and creating panels on. Artist use Comic Art Board Paper because it gives them a lot of space to work with as their trying to make space for the word bubble to go on. It’s easier to shrink a large 11×17 size paper to comic size format than to create a comic on legal size paper 8×11; although it can be done just better quality using 11×17 paper. Check below to see how the comic art board paper looks like and the different types of paper available. *(All pictures from google images. Not my Pictures.)*

Blank Comic Art Paper

Blank Comic Art Board Paper. As seen this type of paper is 11×17 and it does provide the bleed area but doesn’t provide a trim area and doesn’t have the extra dash to help tell you where you would crop your comic too for publishing.








Comic Art Board Paper

As you see in this picture this Comic Art Board Paper you have bleed area and the trim area too help tell you the area you should try to stay in while drawing your comics. Check before purchasing what Comic Art Board Paper has these extra contents, not all paper has these contents.







Strathmore Comic Art Board Paper Cover

This is how the Comic Art Board Paper looks when you go to purchase it in the store or online. This is the Comic Art Board I use it has the bleed area and trim area in it.





Where Can you buy Comic Art Board Paper?

Now a days you can you can find Comic art paper in almost all Comic Book stores but still not all carry them. Below are several popular stores that you are guaranteed to sell Comic Art Board Paper. I will update this list regularly and will post an update that has stores and locations as well as a link to all online stores that sell Comic Art Board Paper.

Michael’s Arts&Crafts  

Very good store to buy Comic Art Board Paper they have a lot of good selections to choose from as well as a lot of tools for all artist.


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

Jo-Ann has a nice selection of Comic Art Board Paper but from my experience their selection usually isn’t as big as Michael’s selection. But they still have a lot of the good brand Comic Paper and their a very good store for buying fabrics.










It may be hard to believe but some Walmart’s are starting to carry Comic Art Board Paper. It does vary from Walmart to Walmart and it would be located where the art section of the store. The selections aren’t very good here and the chances are very slim but still worth a try.