Photo Shoot Page coming…

Yes you read that right folks as 2020 has begun I’d love to say Happy New Year and thanks for being a subscriber to brownscomicart. New this year I now I have YouTube channel set up where I will be posting my travel adventures as well as some tutorials on my blog and art tutorials in general. I’m am now doing my photography which I have said in the past I’ll be working on. You can already see in my menu’s tab you can see I’ve added some new tabs and I plan to post a video showing showing how to go through my blog and how to post and upload up here as well. Below is a preview of the video and video shoot I did with my friend Natasha in Miami at Haulover Beach. It was our Sunrise Photoshoot on the nude beach below is a preview video and I have the link to the video below you will have to sign up for her Patreon page here for the full set of these photos and videos. Naja is my co-admin and she is gonna be helping me to keep adding content to our blog. I will be posting the link to my youtube video on my about page soon. With a bio on me and Natasha coming up.

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