Black Panther! Why such a big success?

Black Panther

Black Panther is a black Marvel super hero that has just gotten noticed with his original movie Black Panther. Black Panther first appeared in the movie Captain America Civil War but didn’t get much screen time but was a main character in the movie. I’m not going to go through the hole movie. But it was a great movie!

Not just because this was the first Black Superhero movie of all time but because it was different than a lot of the superhero movies we see today. Like me as an African American I know some of my background and my history and its the same when it comes to Black Panther they explained the background and it gave some life lessons in the movie. Not to mention it was action packed all the way through and had some of the best actors in it. For the box office as of May 22nd sales were at 1.344 billion USD. It made a lot more money than they thought it was going to make but this is something people have been wanting to see. Marvel is definitely heading in the right position right now.

I will be posting which company between Marvel and D.C. are doing better soon. Well, there you have it folks thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts are comments please feel free to right below! Thank you and Stay tuned for upcoming updates! 


3 thoughts on “Black Panther! Why such a big success?”

  1. Black Panther, is marked as best marvel movie ever by critics. And it should be.
    Why it should be, movie represent Wakanda as nature saviour, not repeat the mistake to promote inventions as in real world. They follow rules, and rules are good.
    Even hero had been bitten and rise up. That make a sensible story. That’s why black panther loved more.

  2. I really loved Black panther simply because it is a hero film with so much culture and brings a new dimension to superhero films with depth, accuracy, and relatability.

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