Take advantage of Deviant art gallery!

Deviant Art has many tools as most of your all can see up here yourself but one feature that I’m going to talk about is the gallery feature that they give too you for free when you create your account. Too start you can’t go wrong with Deviant Art because they give you an free account plus you can submit art for viewers too see all for free. Now along with that if you notice that when you submit galleries on your profile you have the option too decide where you want your art too go as in the folder you want it go go in. For example, you might have portraits and then have cartoon art and when you submit it to your gallery it all goes to one place unless you assign to too another folder which you can create as well. So when submitting art to your gallery try too create as many folders as possible so as too keep it as organized as possible because it makes it easier for someone trying to look at your artwork to be able to find and locate specific art that they might be looking for. They won’t have too go through one gallery that might have a thousand drawings of cartoons and portraits when your really only looking for one portrait out of the bunch they have in their gallery. Deviant Art lets you create unlimited galleries too make it easier for everyone too keep you art profile as organized as possible, so take advantage of this free tool because not every site does that for free like Deviant Art! I too will admit I’m currently working on my art galleries and making folders so that its easy too browse certain art that my Friends and Followers may be searching for!

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