Photo Shoot Page coming…

Yes you read that right folks as 2020 has begun I’d love to say Happy New Year and thanks for being a subscriber to brownscomicart. New this year I now I have YouTube channel set up where I will be posting my travel adventures as well as some tutorials on my blog and art tutorials in general. I’m am now doing my photography which I have said in the past I’ll be working on. You can already see in my menu’s tab you can see I’ve added some new tabs and I plan to post a video showing showing how to go through my blog and how to post and upload up here as well. Below is a preview of the video and video shoot I did with my friend Natasha in Miami at Haulover Beach. It was our Sunrise Photoshoot on the nude beach below is a preview video and I have the link to the video below you will have to sign up for her Patreon page here for the full set of these photos and videos. Naja is my co-admin and she is gonna be helping me to keep adding content to our blog. I will be posting the link to my youtube video on my about page soon. With a bio on me and Natasha coming up.

Currently looking for a Host to host my website. Why I’m transitioning.

Hello members and subscribers thanks for staying and browsing my blog I apologize for not updating as often and will be back to posting regularly. I wanted to write this blog mostly for WordPress users and those who use currently what I’m using does all the hosting and gives you access to most plugins, they manage the server for you and handle all the software you need and even give you a lot of tools to make a successful website. Now the pros for is that it makes it easier to use and a little less work to manage your blog for a hole year. The biggest con is that they charge $300 to get the best plan which is a business account to give you all these features.

Now they have other plans as well but the business plan gives you everything you need so for the most part all doing is posting adding content to your site and adding plugins and just basic stuff to make your website look good. The problem is the heavy $300 fee you have to pay and if your not making any profit from your blog from google ad-sense or any other income from your business than it will be costly to run the business site. And may not be worth it as well. This is the main reason why I am going to because you can always find a host online that may charge anywhere from $10-$20. So currently right now I’m looking for a sever now to cut the cost or better to say operating cost of my business. So for all those looking into weather is better to use or org. Please go to the WordPress website to read both descriptions to what best fits your needs and your business needs.

Maybe your a fast growing business and you make enough to run that one time fee a year and you need WordPress to manage for you because of time and labor. And time is money so you can’t argue with that. But if you just need your blog for advertisement and to use to have an online store than I would recommend finding a host on the internet that will give you a great rate that is affordable. Thanks you for reading and I will have something soon on my Artist tips page talking about the difference with and

Thanks for reading and comment below or ask any questions you may have!

Made my first Sale on Red Bubble!

Red Bubble is a website where its similar to Zazzle but you can basically make money off of work that you create and design. Red Bubble allows you to create products with your artwork and design on it and you can either purchase your artwork or you can let red bubble sale it for you and give you a small percentage from what that product sells for. So depending on your audience this can be good money for you. I’m starting to learn that it may be better to experiment with this because as mentioned above I have finally sold my first product on red bubble and I made a profit of $.27. So that good considering that I still made something off a art creation I made.So if you ever want to make some easy money then I’d try posting some of your art on there. Here is the link to the above art I made on Red Bubble .

Please keep in mind the copyright policy. This is very important on here because if you post art like comic art, DC Comics, Marvel characters, without given permission they will take you product down as well as deactivate your account if you keep posting it. So my advice to you is to post original art thats your and if you do post fan art please have permission to do so and proof that you got permission to do so. Thanks for reading and give Red Bubble a try!Comment and ask any question below!

Hashtags on Ig. The Benefits.

We all know how popular Instagram is and its the social platform that is now getting businesses booming as it is to me becoming one of the best free advisement apps. I personally love it because when it comes to photos you can almost post anything that helps promote your business. The hashtags are the things on Instagram that really gets the traffic following as people use the hashtags as a fast way of finding something that people are looking for on Ig. The #Hashtags also make it easier for people to find your artwork and find models they photographers may want to collaborate with. So the hashtags has its benefits and if used popular along with a link back to your page. Then you will be in the right direction as once you start putting as many hashtags ONLY related to what your work is, then your work or business will start to grow. Never do you want to post something that is not related to what your trying to sell or promote. Because that gonna lead to people looking wondering why this is even in that hashtags. If you need help with some good ideas for hashtags or don’t know a hashtag to use the best advice I can give you is too google search it as they have many articles and hashtags to use in certain situations. I will post a article showing how to use hashtags soon. That’s my intake on hashtags let me know what you think and leave your comments and/or questions below.

tumblr terms and policy updated! (Tumblr bans nude and Adult Content)

Tumblr will permanently ban adult contentfrom its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions, the company tells The Verge.

Me as an artist I post my art on tumblr becuase my more explicit content(nude) content I can’t post on here becuase of the terms and agreements I have with Google. So I can’t post on here and use social media sites to share my content with users. So for models I know and other artist that would post their work up there we all had to take our artwork down to go with the terms of tumblr.

It really hurts us becuase were not using it for any bad purpose just to display our work free of charge to people. But I will have more on other alternatives on what to do if you were affect by this new policy.

-Stay tuned for more news

Why was Avengers Endgame such a Powerful Movie?

So at this point I’m gonna assume most of everyone has watched Avengers Endgame! One of the best movies of the year and that has broke box office records destroying Avatar. With that being said Spoiler Alert because there will be spoilers in this post so please read with caution.

Avengers Endgame, all I can say is that after watching that movie all I can say was wow! One of the best endings to an Movie series! This was one of the movies that made everyone emotional at the end! And one of the the movies that made Marvel at the top of all superhero movies.

This movie was so powerful because all of the movies from the start of Iron Man lead to Avengers Endgame. Then the movie Avengers Infinity War with them losing to Thanos at the end was a good way to get our blood pumping to go see the final movie Endgame. The story was different than most superhero movies because you had over a dozen heroes die and Thanos achieves his goal and quickly goes into retirement after making it known that he did what he said and wiped out half the universe.

*Thanos with all the Infinity Stones becoming the most powerful being in the Universe!

Plus in Infinity War and in Endgame it shows that in all other villains even in the DC Universe Thanos was the only being with the will and capability to wipe out half the universe and to kill the ones he loves to to make balance in the Universe. Also, he has some of the best quotes in the movies. But that’s my say in Avengers Endgame, if you agree or have different thoughts on the Avengers series or how the series ended feel free to comment below! Thank you for reading and for those of you that haven’t seen the movie, I’d encourage you to watch it! Its definitely worth the watch!

Thanos desperately fighting to use the Infinity Stones to stop the Avengers from undoing what he did to half the Universe in the Future!
*Thanos explains to Dr. Strange why he has to destroy half the Universe.

*Pictures are from google images.(I do not own these pictures and give credit to the owners of these pictures)

Welcome 2019!

Happy New Year viewers and subscribers! Thank you for your continued support and help to making BrownsComicArt a success. It is a new year with new goals in mind and this year my aim to go for more on customer service. As in what would you as the customer would want to see. On my social media blogs I have already sent out a post asking what are things that you as artist, comic readers, art collectors, etc. would like to see. I’m still a freelance artist and my aim is to focus more on what my viewers want. So lets make 2019 happen and as I mentioned I’m about to post a very brief YouTube tutorial on how to take advantage the benefits of being a subscriber on BrownsComicArt. Which will allow you to post your own video and artwork on my blog all free of charge. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter and Instagram for future updates!

Wild Woman(Black&White to Color)

Hey everyone, its been a while but I am happy to announce that I’m currently going back to coloring my drawings ago. Some that I drew years ago and now I have a drawing tablet again. I’m going to be very honest with you its expensive now a days to get a good drawing tablet. And the minimum your gonna have to pay is at least $50 for a decent drawing tablet that is going to get the job done and is going to last. Not to mention more updated with the technology we have currently. The Program I used to color it is a program called Gimp. Now a lot of you have heard of the program Gimp but some may not have and I will have a post coming up describing what Gimp is but in short Gimp is almost like Photoshop. You have the same tools as you would have in Photoshop CS6 and other coloring programs. Stay tuned for more updates and more of my artwork that I will be inking and coloring using Gimp as well as Adobe Photoshop CS6. Remember to follow me on my other social media tags and on Deviant Art and Art Station for some of my Uncensored Artwork. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Wild Woman(Inked)

Wild Woman

License? What is a License and what type do they have?

License Agreement. What is a license to be exact. A license by definition is a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade.(*source Google dictionary) This is very important to learn and know because I’m not just talking about license with like a car or a CDL License I’m talking for about any artist trying to sell art that isn’t their own.

It’s very important because to sell something that has copyright protection most times you need a license to do so. And bear in mind that a license can expire. So you may have to renew your license or it’s a possibility that your license may not be renewed. It’s very similar to a contract but a contract and a license are two different things. For example, if I created t-Shirts with Marvel content like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron-Man, etc.and I posted it here on my blog or even on a different site without a license to sell them from Marvel than my content can be taken down or the company can issue a warning and put in a complaint and if you were to have made a big profit even sue you for a lot of money.

The reason I say “made a big profit” is because lets say you sold a product and only made about $20 from it. Well, most likely Marvel may send you a warning and threaten to press charges if you don’t stop as long as you stop and don’t do it again you’ll be fine. But for $20 the company is gonna pay a lot more for lawyers and court fees to pursue the claim than what its gonna pay. So it’s not worth the trouble in that case and a big company isn’t more so going to look for small independent business people unless they are making big profits from they’re products. (*It still doesn’t make it right and it is illegal to steal other peoples work). But with a license you can sell Marvel products and usually as a part of the agreement in the license you may have to share a small percentage of the profits you make from selling something with their name on it. Soon I will post an artist tips on Licenses and how to get a license from big companies in the business industry. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!